Community of Trust

The Charlottesville Writing Center was founded in September 1996. The organization received its 501(c)3 status right off that bat and has remained in good standing with the state and federal government since the beginning. Why lead with this information? Because it shows that the CWC is a dependable and reliable and law abiding enterprise. You can trust that we will give you a fair price for services, donate our time and talents pro-bono as is fair, and be grateful for your volunteer and financial support in turn. The profits the CWC makes are primarily given to the instructors and tutors, phone bill and rent, and supplies. The CWC also maintains annual membership dues to support other local non-profit arts and education organizations.

This being said, while the CWC has always been fiscally responsible and fiscally sound, there are only so many projects that it can generate without having access to greater funding, which I envision to be along the lines of several thousand dollars (projects to be outlined in another post). Over the years, individuals have donated small amounts and some businesses have donated goods and services. I strongly believe in collaborative programs with community businesses, so whether your organization is a dot-com or a dot-org, or a dot-net, let’s plan something. If you believe that a community of trust is sacred, then get in touch with me.

All the best to you on this day,

H. Burns