Writing Prompt 10/14/13

Keep track of your dreams this week and everything down what you remember. Accuracy of detail is more important than accuracy of sequence. If you don’t dream or remember your dreams every night, then stretch your recordings over a longer period of time. The thing to do after recording several dreams is to take those images, as weird or mundane as they may be, and separating them from the act of dreaming itself, use them in a poem or short story of any length.

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Writing Prompt 9/14/13

A favorite standard CWC writing prompt for your Saturday. Use the following 8 words in any order and in any declension in a piece of no more than 80 words total.
Post to the CWC Facebook page or Google+ page for all of our friends to see, if you choose. You can find those links along the side bar.
Have fun!

1) pickaxe. 2) raccoon. 3) vision. 4) couch. 5) veranda. 6) charism. 7) aspirin. 8) teacup.

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Writing Prompt 8/2/13

Do you have a ritual of activity that you do or must do on the first Friday of the month? Pay bills? Go to the local art shows? Go to church? Visit a friend? What are those things you do on the First Friday of the month? If you have nothing structured, what would you do? What would your invented character do?
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Writing Prompt 6/19/13

Let’s try this.
I have given you three fill in the blank sentences. Please complete them all in according to their directions and then use them in exactly how you completed them, but in any order, in a story or poem of any length. Hope that’s not too confusing and I hope you enjoy!

1) In exactly three words, please describe your bathroom.
2) Every time she (pronoun of your choice) walked into the _______, she smelled the inevitable ________ of ______.
3) It was always strange, that in the photograph they looked ______ _______ (up to four words).

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