Writing Prompt 7/25/15

Write a poem or prose piece about the color blue. You might start by making a list of the different kinds of blues you can think of, from shades of blue in the Crayloa crayon box to the blue of a bruise. What color blue is the mood blue?

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Writing Prompt 3/21/14

First day of spring. We will now sprint into warmer weather and be dazzled by the colors the season brings. And sneeze from its pollen. Oh spring, how you love us and thrill us and make us love you even more. Or maybe it’s the winter that really makes us love you. What or who didn’t survive this winter? Shall we dedicate this spring to those who cannot join us?

Here are 8 words to add into your story or poem about spring:
fumble, silver, cap, gibberish, leather, meditation, flop, element.

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Writing Prompt 11/15/13

Write about a disappointment (event, personal shortcoming, circumstance) but change the outcome so that the speaker is no longer disappointed. EG: the winning ticket was yours after all, his small physical frame was crucial in saving the child from the cave, the rain clouds disappeared before they passed over the ripped tent at the wedding reception.

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