Writing Prompt 8/30/13

Where did the summer go? Write a piece of any length to describe its vignettes and choose from at least five of the following highlights:

1) best garden haul and resulting dishes/ canning/ or baking;
2) best moments with the kids on a trip or at home;
3) worst argument w spouse or friend over something really unbelievably stupid (of course not stupid at the time);
4) a new summer friend you made in person or on line;
5) best day trip (hike, river, ocean, new town);
6) best longer trip (in laws?);
7) new music you discovered;
8) bad news or good news or disappointing news received or delivered;
9) a planned or unplanned major household, auto, or health expense;
10) and the bottom line: the most beautiful moment of your Summer 2013.

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