Writing Prompt 6/17/13

I hope that all who celebrated Father’s Day had a lovely day yesterday.

Today’s prompt focuses on writing the adventure of a character who is buying a new friend a birthday gift to bring to a party for that person tonight. Some things about this friend:
1) As mentioned, the character does not know this person very well.
2) The character would like to know this person better and hope that the gift impresses him or her. The interest need not be romantic, but there is an agenda, even though it might not be conscious. Maybe this person is going to be the next head of the neighborhood association and the character thinks all the park fixtures should be repainted, or that parks really should be for “neighborhood only use.”
3) After the gift has been selected, it turns out that the character will not be able to attend the birthday party after all (working late, kids throwing up, etc). The character must make sure that the gift, card, and a plausible excuse are delivered to the residence of the birthday celebrant.

Have fun!
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