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Fundraising Plea

Dear friends,

I would really like to remove all of the ads from the sites that the CWC owns: including this homepage, Hit and Run Magazine, Writers and Teachers Collaborative, Sitting Pretty Magazine, and Summer Writing Camp. This means I have to upgrade the sites to the tune of up to $100 each. I ask you to please help me deliver the best looking products that I can, without the distractions of ads. My personal philosophy is that I do not want to be affiliated with organizations that are not related to what I do and ads symbolize affiliation. I am happy to cooperate, but do not want to affiliate. So would you please help the Charlottesville Writing Center remain autonomous? You can send a check to PO Box 5608 Charlottesville, VA 22903, or you can contribute via Paypal at The CWC is a 501(c)3 agency and your contribution is tax deductible.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and your support.

God bless you and your writing.

Heather B.
Founder and Director, CWC

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Dear Friends of CWC:  I have added a new tab called “Your Writings” to the site. I want to develop it for the homeschool population, but am asking you to try it out first. I have posted a prompt, very similar to what you might find at The Nervous Breakdown site.

This page is password protected and will not stay up for very long. I basically want to see how it will work and if the idea will be suitable for youth. Since youth might be accessing it, I will ask that you keep your posts to PG-13 or below. Thank you.

2013 test



2:37 PM: ok, I put the Your Writing page under Stuff We Do. Same password. Play on!

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January 2013 Poetry Class

Poetry Class: Introduction to Form.
Starts on Tuesday January 8, 6:30 PM-8:30 (ends January 29)
A month-long blast into the basics of scansion and learning the nuts and bolts of how to write in meter. Course goal — you write a sonnet. This is truly a beginner’s class.
Place TBA.
Write to or through Facebook to sign up.

This is going to be the start of a great year!

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Summer 2012

Hey folks,

We are taking a break from camp this year while we work on spiffing up our homeschool services plan for this fall. We are always available for individual consultation and maybe even a writing themed pool party.

Enjoy your summer!!!


The CWC Staff

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Back to School Writing Prep –It’s a good idea

Sign up NOW. Session starts on August 8. Monday through Friday (Aug 12) 9 am til noon. The goal for the week is to write an essay. That’s it. Get the thinking and writer muscles working together in a low-impact, non-graded atmosphere. Students are invited to write about anything they want — just create and support an argument with a little bit of research. Presto: ready for school. Parents: it’s $175.00 for the session. We will meet downtown.

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Scholarship Money Needed

The director has set a goal of raising $3,500, to go directly to scholarships for the CWC summer camp. 10 full scholarship and 20 half scholarships. People are asking for assistance. Please help me help them have a writing experience they will never forget.

Charlottesville Writing Center

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Today is National Poetry Month’s “Poem in Your Pocket Day.”

Here is a link to a whole bunch of poems that you can pick from to print, cut and put in your pocket.
Or, you can write your own!

© CWC 2011

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Dear All,
Your humble prompt server and CWC director will be reading from her newly published book of poetry on Wednesday, March 16, 2 pm, City Council Chambers in Charlottesville. Here is a link to the event:

I would like you to know that my book is for sale for Seven Dollars, and is available from The Charlottesville Writing Center or from Seven Kitchens Press. Link to the book announcement below:

I would appreciate your support both for the writing center and for me personally. Let me ask you, by taking a poll, a few questions:
1) would you be willing to pay for this writing prompt service? How much? 2) Are they of use to you?
3) Any ways that you think I could improve this service?
4) Have you told other friends and writer colleagues about it? I would like to see more sign-ups.

I’ll also put in a plug for this year’s summer camp. It’s our 7th annual and promises to be even more successful than the ones in years past. We can always use scholarship support for families who are unable to afford the entire tuition of $175 per week.

I will be grateful for you to think these things over and I hope that you will make some time to provide feedback.

Take care and don’t forget to set your clocks forward by an hour Saturday night.

Heather Burns

Heather Burns, Director
Charlottesville Writing Center

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50th Summer Camp registrant comes for Free — register early and often!

Help the CWC break its summer camp record of 40 students. This means you need to recruit!! $175.00 value. Session of your choice. Tally will be kept via postmark on envelope with application. PO Box will be checked daily.

Registrant 100 will also be let in for free. We’re counting on you — you can count on us!


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Albemarle Family Summer Camp EXPO

Join the CWC for the Albemarle Family Magazine 2011 CAMP EXPO Sunday 2/20 at the Double Tree Hotel. 10-3. Sign up that day for discounts on this year’s youth programs!

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